Wall mural, Gray marble, DG3ALI1015, Wall Designs III, Khroma by Masureel

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Code: DG3ALI1015
Material: Non-woven
Dimension: 106 x 300 cm

Non-woven wall mural, gray marble imitation. Interior photo is for illustration only - different colours. For larger width can be combined with wall murals DG3ALI1011, DG3ALI1012, DG3ALI1013 and DG3ALI1014 - see photo.

Product variants

Product description

Wall mural, Gray marble, DG3ALI1015, Wall Designs III, Khroma by Masureel

The "Spirit of Nature" non-woven wallpaper collection represents the search for renewed connection with nature.

The colours and patterns in this collection reflect man's reconciliation with nature. Humans have been using natural materials for thousands of years. Instead of using pencils and brushes, we made patterns out of sisal rope, constructed shapes out of marble, and embroidered patterns using natural yarns.

Kolekce tapet Spirit of Nature

This has resulted in a range of excellent designs with a natural look and feel. Ropes made from natural yarn and exposed veins of mineral rocks are recurring themes of the 'Spirit of Nature' collection.

You can find these unique designs in the wallpaper collection:

  • Art Deco geometric pattern that is irregular and in warm color shades
  • Fine yarn texture that fills the abstract geometric pattern and circular pattern in bolder colors
  • Irregular longitudinal striped pattern with gold details
  • The unique pattern of panoramic mountains was originally painted on textile yarn, resulting in a stunning watercolor effect. The irregular background adds depth to the drawing.
  • Patterns inspired by natural materials such as sisal rope, wood and organic fabric

Kolekce tapet Spirit of Nature

Don't forget that natural motifs can help create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere in your room.

Why choose non-woven wallpaper?

These wallpapers are made of ecological material - pulp. Their big advantage is easy installation, when you only paint the wall with glue and attach the wallpaper to the wall. Their removal from the wall is just as simple. You can read how easy it is to install non-woven wallpaper here.

Kolekce tapet Spirit of Nature

And what not to forget before wallpapering?

The primer of the wall is very important, which ensures that the adhesive will perform its function properly and the wallpaper will stick well on the wall. During the wallpapering itself, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of around 20 °C and above all not to ventilate for at least another 48 hours, even if it seems to you that the room is damp. The glue simply needs its time to slowly dry completely.

Product parameters

Material: Non-woven
Colour: Grey
Patterns: Imitation of materialsStone
Location: BedroomLiving room
Collection: Wall Designs III
Producer: Khroma by Masureel
Surface: SmoothMatt
Symbols: Extra washable Good resistance to light Paste The Wall Strippable
Abrasion resistant: Ano
Width - cm: 106
Height - cm: 300

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