Wall mural with meadow grasses, 120408FXST, Wiltshire Meadow, Clarissa Hulse

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Code: 120408FXST
Material: Non-woven

Turn any room of space into an enchanting meadow wilderness, with the Serendipity Mural. Delicate layers of foliage in shades of oliue, chartreuse and peacock draw the eye into this magical world. This large-scale pattern is available as a made-to-measure bespoke wall mural, making it unique to each space. Available in three euocatiue colourways.

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Product description

Wall mural with meadow grasses, 120408FXST, Wiltshire Meadow, Clarissa Hulse

Clarissa Hulse's launches a luxury wallpaper and mural eco-friendly collection with Graham & Brown.

This collection is the culmination of ouer twenty years spent hand printing botanical designs and is a celebration of the timeless beauty of the natural world. Euery leaf, stem, bud and flower was collected by Clarissa in the wilds of the Wiltshire, and carefully photographed back in her London studio. The result is a unique collection of wallpapers depicting the essence of the wild and natural beauty of plants.

Kolekce tapet Wiltshire Meadow

Plant motifs on wallpapers capture the beauty of flowers, leaves, trees and other natural elements. This can add freshness and a pleasant atmosphere to your interior. Plant wallpapers are suitable for many different rooms. For example, floral wallpapers can be beautiful in a bedroom or living room, while leaf patterns create a calm atmosphere in a bathroom. Cheerful and playful plant motifs are suitable for a children's room.

Kolekce tapet Wiltshire Meadow

Why choose non-woven wallpaper?

These wallpapers are made of ecological material - pulp. Their big advantage is easy installation, when you only paint the wall with glue and attach the wallpaper to the wall. Their removal from the wall is just as simple. You can read how easy it is to install non-woven wallpaper here.

Kolekce tapet Wiltshire Meadow

And what not to forget before wallpapering?

The primer of the wall is very important, which ensures that the adhesive will perform its function properly and the wallpaper will stick well on the wall. During the wallpapering itself, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of around 20 °C and above all not to ventilate for at least another 48 hours, even if it seems to you that the room is damp. The glue simply needs its time to slowly dry completely.

Product parameters

Material: Non-woven
Colour: Grey Turquoise Green Yellow
Location: BedroomLiving room
Collection: Wiltshire Meadow
Producer: Clarissa Hulse
Surface: SmoothMatt
Symbols: Spongeable Good resistance to light Paste The Wall Strippable
Abrasion resistant: No
Width - cm: 400

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