Non-woven mural wallpaper OND22010, 200 x 300 cm, Adele, Onirique, Decoprint

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Code: OND22010
Material: Non-woven
Dimension: 200 x 300 cm

Easily combinable with related patterns. The wallpaper has a continuous pattern, for a larger width just buy another piece.

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Product description

Non-woven mural wallpaper OND22010, 200 x 300 cm, Adele, Onirique, Decoprint

  • ONIRIQUE Collection - Be enchanted by the novelty.
  • The beautifully hand-drawn world of the Onirigue wallpaper collection seduces viewers into a fantasy, dreamy world.
  • The Onirique motif is inspired by the idea of ​​a surreal dream world and a unique sense of atmospheric environment.
  • Fifteen diverse designs draw viewers into a rich imaginary world that can only be experienced through dreams. The delicate and relaxing atmosphere of the interior decorated with a panoramic design, which combines the taste of retro and contemporary spirit and which attracts the look and enhances the feeling, is the right thing for your dream home.

  • Non-woven wallpaper for the wall is characterized by good breathability, mechanical resistance and the ability to cover fine cracks. For the application of non-woven wallpaper, straight walls with a humidity of not more than 0.8% are suitable. When gluing non-woven wallpapers, the glue is applied directly to the base wall, on which the individual strips of wallpaper are applied. To glue non-woven wallpaper, use glue for non-woven wallpaper, which you will find in our offer of adhesives. Removing non-woven wallpaper is easy and is done dry.

  • Before wallpapering, it is advisable to prime each wall. Penetration unifies the absorbency of the substrate and increases the adhesion of subsequent layers.
  • digital print
  • W 200 x H 300 cm
  • 2 parts w.100 x h.300cm
  • base color: green, green-blue / Acqua Teal
  • The photo of the interior is for illustration only - different colors
  • collection: Onirique
  • manufacturer: Decoprint

Product parameters

Material: Non-woven
Colour: Blue Green
Patterns: LuxuryNatureLeaves, trees
Collection: Onirique
Producer: Decoprint
Surface: Structured
Width - cm: 200
Height - cm: 300

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