Material Effect Wallpapers

Transform your interior into a work of art easily and without expensive renovations with our range of material effect wallpapers. We offer a unique and affordable way to transform your home or office without the need for complex installations or costly claddings. Whether you are searching for the appearance of wood, stone, the rustic charm of a brick wall, the industrial allure of concrete or stucco, or the luxurious look of leather, our material effect wallpapers provide exactly what you're seeking with minimal effort and at a fraction of the cost.

Our material effect wallpapers are synonymous with exceptional quality and durability - they do not fade, tear, and are made without harmful substances. We are proud that our products come only from verified manufacturers in Europe and the USA. As the only wallpaper manufacturer in the Czech Republic, we offer designer, certified material effect wallpapers that directly respond to the demands of our customers.

Material effect wallpaper

Why choose material effect wallpapers?

  1. Price: Material effect wallpapers are often much more affordable than claddings made from real . materials or building modifications. Using real wood, stone, or metal can be expensive, not just for the material itself but also for installation and maintenance. Material effect wallpapers provide the same visual effect for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Installation: Material effect wallpapers are much easier to install. While the installation of real materials requires professional skills and time, theoretically, anyone with a bit of dexterity and the available tools can apply material effect wallpapers. With these wallpapers, you save not only time but also the cost of craftsmen. Removing the wallpapers when you tire of the pattern is just as simple.

    For everything about how to properly install material effect wallpapers, check out our Advice and Tips section.
  3. Flexibility and design variability: Material effect wallpapers offer almost unlimited design and color possibilities. You'll find patterns that mimic the most diverse materials and styles. This allows you to adapt the look of your space according to current trends or personal preferences without the need for costly and permanent changes. It’s much easier to replace a wallpaper than to overhaul an actual material finish.
  4. Maintenance and durability: Modern material effect wallpapers are designed to be resistant to moisture, sunlight, and even abrasions, making them an ideal choice for rooms where there's a higher likelihood of wall damage. Unlike real materials, like wood, which may require regular maintenance and treatment, material effect wallpapers are easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Ecological impact: The production and extraction of natural materials can have a significant impact on the environment. Material effect wallpapers can offer an eco-friendlier alternative, especially if made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials. By reducing the need for natural resources and offering the option to recycle old wallpapers, they help reduce the ecological footprint.
  6. Changing appearance and updates: Transforming a space can be easily and quickly done with material effect wallpapers. Changing the appearance of a room with real materials can be costly and time-consuming. Material effect wallpapers allow you to experiment with trends and easily update the look of your interior according to your wishes without significant commitments or investments.

Material immitation wallpaper

Why buy material effect wallpapers from our e-shop?

With more than 30 years of experience in the wallpaper market, we understand what customers expect from a quality interior solution, and therefore we offer a wide range of wallpaper patterns that are very easy to install. Easy installation, favorable price, and perfect design are the main reasons why our material effect wallpapers are among our best-selling products.

Take advantage of our special prices. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; our customer care is available 24/7.

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